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ELLANSÉ™ is the perfect dermal filler, offering you a natural, younger appearance that works differently… “It’s so subtle – It’s still me but simply better” – Nancy Sorrell model and actress.


The unique ELLANSÉ™ dermal filler Range works differently thanks to its unique properties. It not only corrects wrinkles and folds, but by stimulating your own collagen it really treats the underlying causes of facial or hand ageing. The effects are gradual and longer lasting giving you a truly natural youthful appearance

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ELLANSÉ™ is a safe dermal filler and the perfect choice for both men and women seeking immediate visible results. Skin revitalisation and firmness through natural collagen stimulation reshapes and contours with a natural and fresh look.

Frequently Asked Questions

Mode of Action

The mode of action is the same throughout the entire ELLANSÉ™ Range. ELLANSÉ™ is a dermal filler providing immediate results, as well as Biostimulation inducing neo-collagenesis for longer-lasting and sustained results.
• Due to the optimum viscosity and elasticity of the gel-carrier (CMC – carboxymethylcellulose), the wrinkles and folds undergo immediate physical correction after treatment.
Unique Advantages
Safety & Bioresorbable
• Proven totally bioresorbable
• Optimal Biocompatibility and Safety due to very smooth spherical microspheres
• Pre-clinically and clinically proven safety and performance
• Safe product components with a long safety history in numerous CE marked and FDA approved bioresorbable medical devices
• Soft bioresorbable (non-cross-linked) medical polymer polycaprolactone in a tailor made aqueous gel
• Gel carrier components Generally Recognized As Safe (GRAS) by the USA FDA
• Elimination of sensitivity testing due to a non-animal, non-bacterial and non-human derived product

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• Immediate correction
• Biostimulation and neo-collagenesis
• Only filler offering Sustained Performance from 12 months up to 4 years
• Longer-lasting than conventional dermal fillers
• The product longevity option may attract new patients who have previously resisted the cost and frequency of injections usually associated with shorter term fillers

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Ease of Use Are There Any Side Effects

A soft, silky smooth formulation in a ready-for-use syringe

As with any injection there maybe some localised redness, swelling and bruising.

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Ellanse Key Points

• It is the perfect choice for long term volumisation for those patients that want a natural looking result
• It can be used in the same areas that you may have used HA or Radiesse (minimum of 8 months post treatment with Radiesse)
• It can be used all over the face, neck and hands (not licensed for lips and tear trough)
• Fantastic for nose, chin and jaw reshaping
• You inject sub dermal so less chance of complications or long term fibrosis
• It creates type I collagen – the youthful stuff that makes us look and feel younger!
• Its mouldable, yet stays where its put – no migration
• Less is more with fantastic fill capacity – great value for money for the patient
• NO drop off of results
• Provides fabulous skin support and lift
• Non toxic – no BDDE
• A very natural look and feel for the patient – most people want their end result to look like them NOT like they’ve been ‘done’

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