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Skin Analysis. Have your skin professionally analysed with out skin imaging system.


By professionally analysing your skin we can recommend the right products and treatments to ensure the best results.

We can create multiple high quality views of your face which will allow us to map, measure and analyse your skin’s tone, texture, pigmentation, wrinkle depth and vascularity with incredible accuracy.

The system offers intense magnification to allow us to view your skin in detail. Once we have a full ‘picture’ of your skin we can diagnose the correct treatments to deliver the skin you’ve been dreaming of.

Perhaps you are looking to have the latest anti-ageing facial treatment, or maybe you are seeking help to improve a skin condition. Whatever your needs, skin analysis will give us a much clearer picture.

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Skin analysis is ideal for men and women and for all skin types. If you have a skin condition such as
eczema, acne or psoriasis, you should always seek advice from your GP.

At Agno Aesthetics we offer a range of non-invasive and effective cosmetic treatments for anti-ageing and to improve the appearance of various skin conditions.

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