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Do you have an event coming up? Are you dreading bumping into old friends? Or perhaps an old flame? Do you wish there was a way to look, the best you ever have done? More radiant? More youthful?

The MyLift treatment pioneered by Agno Aesthetics that combines a range of advanced non-surgical aesthetic treatments which will have everyone asking “How do you remain looking so youthful?” rather than “What have you had done?”

All the elements of the MyLift are non-surgical and do not require a hospital stay, or the use of a scalpel.  There is no cutting, no skin removal and very little recovery time.  The treatments provide instant results which get even better over time as the body is stimulated to return the face to its natural best.

Silhouette Soft is a non-surgical treatment which allows the skin on the face, neck and brows to be lifted instantly with dissolvable sutures (sometimes known as threads), with results which improve still further in the ensuing three months.   The collagen it stimulates is flexible allowed nuanced results which allow full facial flexibility.  Ellansé is specialised dermal filler which not only provides instant volumisation but like Silhouette Soft improves the shape of the face still further as the weeks go by.









The best part of The MyLift is that the effects get better in the ensuing weeks after treatment.  This is a progressive process during which the body produces collagen, to heal the skin where it has been treated – which brings about a natural tightening.  This initiates a biological lift and you will notice your skin becomes firmer and returns to the youthful shape of your former self.

Most people treated with MyLift are aged between 40-65.  Men and women are suitable and as a rule of thumb, if you can lift the skin on your face upwards by 1cm with your fingers, you are most likely to be suitable.

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